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Samoyed, Samoyed puppies, Canada

Bringing wiggling, white wonders into your lives!!!

White Wonder Samoyeds

Who we are

Hi! At White Wonder Samoyeds, we are doing our best to bring to you, our fellow dog lovers, a Samoyed of the best quality and behavior. Throughout our entire lives, my wife, Jewel, and myself, John, have been surrounded by dogs. Growing up on the wide open prairies of southeastern Manitoba, I’ve always had a dog. Swimming in the river, romping through the virgin poplar stand out back, playing ball with my bothers, skating on our back yard rink, the key to a country boy’s happiness was his dog. Now my wife and I, together with our 2 children, Rilla and Ezra, wish to bring to you, the chuckles that only come with having a puppy through White Wonder Samoyeds.


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Chris, Jewel's brother will be running the samoyed kennel while John's are spending time in Ethiopia on missions.

Picking a puppy:


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