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White Wonder Samoyeds.png

Bringing wiggling, white wonders into your lives!!!

About the breed:

There is no other dog quite like a Samoyed. Originating from the northern wilderness of Siberia, Sammys as they are commonly called, were bred for herding, pulling sledges and hunting. So, obviously, these dogs are energetic. But wild? Not at all! Their energy is graceful and gentle. Very trainable but a Sammy will need a firm hand. The Samoyed is a great family pet, loyal, and great with all ages of people. The desire for companionship that is so ingrained in these dogs makes it great with other pets as well. With its lively nature, this dog needs exercise and companionship. Leaving a Samoyed in a kennel with no interaction will ruin it. Lots of love and exercise will bring the best out of this amazing breed. A very notable fact about Sammys is their smile. Yes. Your Sammy will always greet you with a smile! The corners of this breed’s mouth are turned up. This was of great help to their ancestors up north as this helps prevent the dog from drooling and thus prevented their mouths from freezing. Samoyeds are a medium sized breed, males ranging between 45 and 65lbs and females between 35 and 50lbs.

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